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Becoming an employable programmer

Here is my take on this issue of becoming an employable programmer.
 Learn and understand data structures and algorithms (searching , stacks,queues , shortest path , sorting etc) Do not read books like pragmatic programming or books on how programming should be done. They just make you feel bad and give you low self esteem.Learn your own way and make mistakes at the beginning but since you want to learn and improve, your programs will become better and smarter. Learn one language very well  so that you can write excellent code that solves problems.  Understand one database scripting language and how database worksKnow how the Internet works and it  commonly used termsYou do not need to learn new language  besides the one you are learning.Learn  a new language when you really and truly understand one programming language .Learn javascript ,Css and Html Build some real works stuff  that solves a problem . Choose a framework and your tools to use. Master the framework inner workings Prac…