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Machine learning is the future

I am very enthusiastic about machine learning and the potential it has solve tough problems. Considering the fact that the amount of data we produce digitally is growing geometrically as online activity och number of people connected to the internet keeps on increasing. We have to make something good out of that massive information we generate.

That is where machine learning come in. Machines are faster and can handle and processing large amounts of data better than us humans. Here are some of the things machiné learning can achieve today. It can identify images, write music and even stories give an image, It can write rap lyrics. It can predict the stock market better that any human, generate choreography based on the music and so on and forth. We are just scratching the surface in AI.

Due to my interest in this subject, i started watching some videos about machine learning and focused my attention on deep learning which uses neural networks . Most of the implemention  is in the Python…