Machine learning is the future

I am very enthusiastic about machine learning and the potential it has solve tough problems. Considering the fact that the amount of data we produce digitally is growing geometrically as online activity och number of people connected to the internet keeps on increasing. We have to make something good out of that massive information we generate.

That is where machine learning come in. Machines are faster and can handle and processing large amounts of data better than us humans. Here are some of the things machiné learning can achieve today. It can identify images, write music and even stories give an image, It can write rap lyrics. It can predict the stock market better that any human, generate choreography based on the music and so on and forth. We are just scratching the surface in AI.

Due to my interest in this subject, i started watching some videos about machine learning and focused my attention on deep learning which uses neural networks . Most of the implemention  is in the Python…

Becoming an employable programmer

Here is my take on this issue of becoming an employable programmer.
 Learn and understand data structures and algorithms (searching , stacks,queues , shortest path , sorting etc) Do not read books like pragmatic programming or books on how programming should be done. They just make you feel bad and give you low self esteem.Learn your own way and make mistakes at the beginning but since you want to learn and improve, your programs will become better and smarter. Learn one language very well  so that you can write excellent code that solves problems.  Understand one database scripting language and how database worksKnow how the Internet works and it  commonly used termsYou do not need to learn new language  besides the one you are learning.Learn  a new language when you really and truly understand one programming language .Learn javascript ,Css and Html Build some real works stuff  that solves a problem . Choose a framework and your tools to use. Master the framework inner workings Prac…

How to implement a simple IoC Container.

I have decided to take a topic related to software development and dig deeper and write about it on weekends. It will be my weekly learning and knowledge sharing. I have myside projects but its always cool and rewarding to understand how something really works. I do not only want to be a framework user but also a Framework contributor. This can only happen if you deep deeper most of the tools of software and language you use. For this week I want to see how easy is it to implement a simple IoC container that can be used in a project.

 What is an IoC container ?
IoC stands  for Inversion of Control and represents a design pattern used in software development. Wikipedia describes it as " a style of software construction where reusable code controls the execution of problem-specific code. It carries the strong connotation that the reusable code and the problem-specific code are developed independently, which often results in a single integrated application. Inversion of control as a …

It is time for Javascript . Are you ready to embrace it?

JavaScript is becoming more and more indispensable for any web developer to know. I have heard lost of bad and good stuff about JavaScript but I ask my self if they are not the programmers who write such bad  JavaScript code  are unpredictable or the differences in the JavaScript engines on various browsers makes us think the language is the problem .I have not  really done much JavaScript development  in my short and exciting career but  I think JavaScript works!! and you can see the power on  every client( mobile phones, tablets etc) connected to the web and needs a good experience. Some known JavaScript APIs are Jquery that  make it very easy to navigate the Dom , NodeJs for server and client development in JavaScript and finally I should not forget to mention Knockout Js which give you a clean way to write clean JavaScript code binned to your model using the MVVM pattern.

I bought my first JavaScript book Eloquent javascript after reading the online version of the book and I thin…

Awesome stuff with C#5 and ASP.NET MVC 4

I have been having a good  time watching these videos of one of my my favorite writers and developers  Steven Sanderson . These videos are all about the new 4 with Upshot, Knockout, WebApi and how they come together to make building Single page applications (SPA) faster and cleaner. The second video is about C#5  asynchronous operations and how this can be applied to web applications. The code to perform asynchronous calls to the database have been made less chunky and less complicated .Finally one also learns how asynchronous call work underneath and how duplex connection to the server are made and handled by SignalR.  You can read this article  Asynchronous scalable web applications with realtime persistent long running connections with SignalR. I hope to put the  stuff I leanrt from these videos in my next application, Finally it seems as if there is no running away from JavaScript as a modern software developer who love web applications. Its time to embrace it  and have…

Personal development, passion and goals

I should be proud of my achievements last year  because
I had  my degree in Computer Science, Got  a good job , Had my second child Eric And bought  a house. I had goals for last year and I got more than I could have ever thought of .All this was possible because  of hard work and good planning , being realistic and having a wonderful and supportive wife and  daughter .
Since the beginning of December we have been preparing and packing all our stuff into boxes that we shall take along with us to our new home.Yesterday as I was packing, I came across lots of my notes and code I  wrote when I was studying back in the university. Some of the code was good and I was impressed when  l looked at it and some where really crap and I could not even understand what it does.I ask my self if i really wrote this. I had really had a good laugh at my self. Anyway that was then. I will say I am a better coder now compared to then. I had a lot of passion and still do  but I had to pass my courses s…

Using recursion to do permutations

Solving problems using recursion.
 I have always had problems in understanding deep and complex recusion eventhough they all follow a common pattern that  is There is always a base case to stop the recursion and making a recursive call on some smaller part of the solution, I decided to set my bar high . Here are the things i set to use recursion to understand complex recursive calls .

Solving Sudoku using BacktrackingThe Chess  Knight - Queen classicPermutationsMore problems as I come across.
Let start with the case that allows you to select all possible combinations of all members a set. I learnt that this recursive pattern in very important to understand because the is a common pattern used in solving the problems that I mentioned above and many others like searching and solving word puzzles
  I define  permutations as all the ways to arrange a set of items for example if you permute the word {cat} you get {cat, tac, act, atc, tca, cta}. Permutations are mathematic…