TekPub - Concepts

TekPub - Concepts
I love watching videos from Microsoft Mix . These videos are very enriching and one gets to know about current and future products of Microsoft .You get to see all these great videos(some of them) from the guys themselves that develop these products. I happen to have fallen on Rob Conery presentation on the MVC Store Front. Its just amazing and I really feel in love with the scripting aspect of his application. So I though to myself to see if this guy offers more. Luckily he had a website called Tekpub that publishes videos tutorials. The quality is really good. For now I am watching all his videos on key concepts in software. He demystifies them and I feel like I can start using all these knowledge the next time I want to build an application. The truth is interfaces are powerful in design of software and knowing how to use them makes you build really groundbreaking and flexible applications. Here are the key concepts he talks about and show us life code examples in his free videos .
1 - Dependency Injection and Inversion of Control
2 - Lambdas
3 - Unit Testing
4 - Loose Design with Interfaces
5 - Behavior-driven Design with Specflow
The truth is I have never really been interested in many of these concepts but when the old and experience guys in the industry tell you that it's important then it is .Since I want to become a big guy in the industry someday I will learn from the real big and experienced guys.
I really started blogging after following his video series from a Coder to a Developer .These videos are really enriching .I will encourage everyone to watch it .
The next thing for me to do is to write about the singleton pattern.Why?Its just a way for me to understand it better.


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