Saturday, December 4, 2010

Why I should learn ASP.Net MVC .

There has been lot of talk on the internet about web form and the new framework MVC .I have read a couple of them and watched to a couple of videos that was done by the creators themselves who all work at Microsoft.I have watched Scott Hanselaman's videos on making of the Nerd-dinner portal and even downloaded the book and source code to play with it.

After reading all these blogs and various views about the two frameworks and reading the book Professional ASP.NET MVC 2 about the creation of the Nerd-dinner portal i came to the following conclusion
MVC is just an amazing framework that is good to use if you want control in your application.
It is very easy to turn my applications to be mobile phone adapted and it you can keep on expanding it the way you want and great of all it is easy to do test in MVC.

There is a clear separation of concerns MVC(Models,Views and Controllers)

Nice SEO urls.that are search engine friendly.

There is more work to be done when developing in MVC and the final HTML code is clear and understandable since there is no viewstate and postbacks .

So why should i learn MVC ?
I think it will make me a better web developer .I did not know anything about this pattern but after some hard work I now understand it .
I also learned more about the repository pattern and even building a web application using real code and no controls that one can drag and drop .
I learned more about routing URLs and real jquesry and Ajax with no script managers or update panels added into the application .
I should learn MVC to be a complete developer who can work and build applications in both frameworks.
There is more real coding and no drag and drops hence the geekiners in me feels good about that.

Finally the choice between MVC and web form boils down to the kind of project you are doing ,how fast you want to ship it, the number of developers you have and the environment of usage .
If you are intrested about MVC then here is where to go Learn MVC

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