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Making a multi-choice quiz application in

I was very interested the quiz that is in w3schools I decided to try to create one in use a database and Viewstates to manage the quiz .It is very staigtht forward and self explainatory .If you are interested, I can always explain it .

Here is the final view
I use Linq to SQL classes
Finally i create simple Quiz manager to insert,update and delete questions for the quiz.I use a detailsview control because its very optimal for such funtionality

Here is the source code for the quiz i made.
using System; using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Linq; using System.Web; using System.Web.UI; using System.Web.UI.WebControls; using System.Collections; public partial class _Default : System.Web.UI.Page { //create variables you will need to use in the application ArrayList quizHistory = new ArrayList(); QuizDataContext qz = new QuizDataContext(); int questionNum = 1; int score = 0; int totalQuestions; Random generator; prote…

Loose Design with Interfaces

I am very interested in design patterns but i have not really had it easy trying to understand how they work .Anyway i think i am getting better in understanding them. I read this wonderful post from this blog Software-design-patterns-for-everyone It helped me understand some patterns better . The truth is that practice makes perfect ."I have to write my own game engine using patterns to learn patterns".Very possible as everything else is, if the goals are realistic to attend .

I am currently reading been reading Professional ASP.NET MVC 2: NerdDinner and in the book there is use of a couple of patterns like repository patterns ,dependency control and others (still reading ) .The was one aspect that caught me and i think it was very interesting It was about loose design with interfaces that can make test driven development(TDD)easy .Objects are not to be passed as parameters just what they do is passed as parameters .After understanding it i decided to try to implem…

Why I should learn ASP.Net MVC .

There has been lot of talk on the internet about web form and the new framework MVC .I have read a couple of them and watched to a couple of videos that was done by the creators themselves who all work at Microsoft.I have watched Scott Hanselaman's videos on making of the Nerd-dinner portal and even downloaded the book and source code to play with it.

After reading all these blogs and various views about the two frameworks and reading the book Professional ASP.NET MVC 2 about the creation of the Nerd-dinner portal i came to the following conclusion
MVC is just an amazing framework that is good to use if you want control in your application.
It is very easy to turn my applications to be mobile phone adapted and it you can keep on expanding it the way you want and great of all it is easy to do test in MVC.

There is a clear separation of concerns MVC(Models,Views and Controllers)

Nice SEO urls.that are search engine friendly.

There is more work to be done when devel…