Personal development, passion and goals

 I should be proud of my achievements last year  because
  1. I had  my degree in Computer Science,
  2. Got  a good job ,
  3. Had my second child Eric
  4. And bought  a house.
 I had goals for last year and I got more than I could have ever thought of .All this was possible because  of hard work and good planning , being realistic and having a wonderful and supportive wife and  daughter .

Since the beginning of December we have been preparing and packing all our stuff into boxes that we shall take along with us to our new home.Yesterday as I was packing, I came across lots of my notes and code I  wrote when I was studying back in the university. Some of the code was good and I was impressed when  l looked at it and some where really crap and I could not even understand what it does.I ask my self if i really wrote this. I had really had a good laugh at my self. Anyway that was then. I will say I am a better coder now compared to then. I had a lot of passion and still do  but I had to pass my courses so passing my courses was more important than passion and I think its just logical. . I had some nice and though times and really enjoyed some programming courses like Compilier thoery , data structures and algorithims , Computer architecture, C and C++ programming ,web development with .Net and discrete mathematics.

Today I get paid for writing code, and solving complex problems and I consider a pass when my technical boss is happy about it, the customer get his or her problem solved , the code is understandable, clear and concise for the human being to read and understand.

This year I intend to blog more and learn more stuff , deepen my knowledge in some advanced stuff deploy an application to the web or build an app . Learn some real time programming.When will I  do this ? My spare time that I can really own for my self. I love and really enjoy what I do and hope you also do. If you do not, then its time for you to be real to yourself and deepen your knowledge in what you love to do and have passion for. Its never to late to learn and everything is possible.


  1. There is nothing better in life than ripping from what you sowed. Congratulations Ngala.

  2. what type of jobs can one generally expect in sweden...i am from india and intend to do masters from sweden thru a scholarship ....presently in 3rd sem f my undergraduate degree(engineering in computer science).basically what is the main demand there and also what are the average on campus placement stats in good india companies like fb,google offer upto 10,00000 in good


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